RaShaunda Hill

RaShaunda Hill got her start in photography with Soul Shakin’ Images in 2007. Fascinated with how a photographer can evoke emotions from behind the camera using their subjects to create a message, emotion, or even a response, Hill later began creating some of her own artwork, trying to capture moments that spoke to her or challenged the “norm.” That led to the creation of DiViN3 DeZiNes (D3d).

Hill’s work ranges from the sexually explicit to typical family and individual photos. She enjoys pushing the envelope, creating photos that most would not post publicly, especially using members of the LGBTQ+ community who are either Deaf/HOH and POC.  Why this type of photo?  They speak to Hill, who is fascinated with the human body and with relationships between two beings regardless of their identities, especially when deemed “not appropriate” by society.