Deaf Queer community members have long made crucial contributions to society and artistic contributions are no exception.

Deaf Queer artists experience a minimum of two different forms of oppression: audism and heterosexism. This makes Deaf Queer art inherently radical in its expression. The existence and presentation of Deaf Queer art defies the odds of being stifled, revised, or even erased altogether by these oppressive systems.

Deaf Queer art is deeply layered, often holding multiplicities of gender, race, class, disability, nationality, and many more. Given the intensity of how much has to be resisted in order for artistic representation to be achieved, an all-Deaf Queer art exhibition is a bold assertion of Deaf Queer artists’ lived experiences.

With this exhibition, we are proud to recognize, center, and celebrate the lived experiences and artistic talents of Deaf Queer artists.

Curators: Drago Renteria, Earl Terry, Delphine Johnson, Noel King, Bethany Gehman, and Rob Roth.

This exhibition is a joint collaboration between the Deaf Queer Resource Center and the Dyer Arts Center.

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