Vicki Campos-Hamilton

Vicki Campos-Hamilton is known for two things: Her love of bright colors and her love of stripes. So the POC (People of Color) rainbow Pride flag is a natural thing for her to love as a representation of LGBTQ+ pride and community. As a Chicana, she also wanted to incorporate the new Pride colors recognizing queer people of color in a starburst that surrounds two hands signing “I love you,” which belong to Campos-Hamilton and her wife, expressing their love for each other in a “burst of love.”

Campos-Hamilton’s love for the Pride flag is represented in her second piece, which recognizes and honors the strength, vibrancy, and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community, which she feels is not going away any time soon. The colors of the pride rainbow flag are used, conveying love between two women, as a part of Mother Nature, that is natural, vibrant, nurturing and all-encompassing.  In other words, Lesbian/Mother Nature is expressed in all its glory.