Samantha Liddick

Samantha Liddick is a deaf queer woman fine art photographer from Seattle, Washington, and owner of Sami Lee Liddick Studio. Her specialties in photography is fine art self-portrait and portrait.

Her “Reflection of Who I Want to Be” portrait allows Liddick, as an avid user of Photoshop, to use her skills with special effects in order to breathe life into the fantasy world in her head; her thoughts allow her to show other people the universe through her own eyes.

Liddick’s “Faces of Deafies in Drag” portrait depicts both of the gay men who own and perform as Deafies in Drag, and who are close friends of Liddick’s. Her goal for this portrait is to show the world that both men in the portrait are more than just makeup; she wants viewers to see the details on their makeup and also to see the real faces of Deafies in Drag. 

Liddick’s main goal is for an audience to look at her portraits and their stories, then think and start to imagine. The fine art self-portrait invites others into her fantasy world and lets them feel free to escape from the real world for a minute. The portrait of Deafies in Drag invites others into her perspective of people she sees.