Mikey Krajnak

A Staten Island native, Michael “Mikey” Krajnak was born Deaf to a hearing family. After graduating from Curtis High School, he attended RIT/NTID and Gallaudet University.  After graduating from Gallaudet University with a BA in sign communication, he returned to Rochester to teach ASL to interpreting students. He considered Rochester his true home at that time because he accepted his Deaf identity and embraced ASL—and came out as a Gay man. It took him a few years to realize which category he fits in: the Bear community. He has embraced his Bear identity and goes as Deaf Red Bear on social media.

He has been married to a wonderful hearing husband, Brian, for the past 12 years. Currently retired from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts after 20 years as a referral specialist, he and his husband relocated to the “low country,” specifically to Savannah, Georgia, where he is a freelance CDI. During his semi-retirement he enjoys playing with his ever-growing plants and experimenting with digital art using different apps.