Mae Sellers

Mae Sellers, a non-binary queer person, grew up in Austin, Texas, home of the well-known motto “Keep Austin Weird.” This includes art, culture, food, and personal style, which Mae absorbed into their soul and expresses freely in all they do.

Mae was a senior art exhibition director at Gallaudet University’s Washburn Arts Building for an annual event in April 2011. At that time, Mae felt that Gallaudet University was lacking the support, understanding, and acceptance of Queer Culture necessary for such an international campus and took it upon themselves to make an impact for change. When Mae’s artwork was shown in the exhibition, some were shocked, while others felt it was a long overdue opportunity to open people’s minds to what art means.

Today Mae is happily married to Salwa K Rosen. They are living in Bellevue, Washington and continuing to express themselves through art in many mediums.