Edgar Murillo aka ARTEDGAR

As an artist, Edgar Murillo is essentially interested in creating artwork that call for the participation of the audience to the same extent as his involvement in it.

As a boy, Edgar Murillo is a photographer, illustrator and filmmaker, born in Barcelona, who creates art with a lot of love, who has an unlimited imagination, and who wants to show his most creative thoughts, feelings and desires through art.

Murillo began drawing from an early age to communicate with his hearing family. Growing up, he did not know anything about deaf culture, so he went through a difficult stage, coming to terms with deafness as well as coming out of the closet. He realized that the gay and deaf worlds are very similar and wants to show that resilience is very important for survival.

The silence in which Murillo remains strengthens him day by day and helps him considerably in his work and inspiration. His thirst for learning never calms down, making his curiosity push him to discover, search and find new frames of reference in order to nourish himself with all kinds of artistic inspiration.

Without his eyes, he could not live.

If his head exploded, you would see a small statue incorporating all of art.

Thank you.