Kyo Carter

Kyo Carter is Trans, so often thinks about and plays with the colors of the Trans flag, seeking to apply the flag's colors to everything—from rugs to clothes and more. His desire is to declare his identity in a bold way. 

He uses various mediums to create artwork but he often uses acrylic paints for making paintings. In the paintings focusing on relating to transgender, Carter uses only 4 colors—black, white, red, and blue—and often remixes them after using a color until he is satisfied, then adds purple to the paintings because to him, purple represents the soul and completion. 

He focuses on attempting to show the viewer what he sees and reflecting his imagination in a simple way.

From Carter:

"Society has its standard but what about standards for individuals? What is exactly normal? I made this artwork to validate you. Your own difference/uniqueness is your normalcy. In other words, it's your standard. I like to create art with the colors of the Trans flag because I do enjoy making them and want to share my work with the world. Nothing is perfect to everyone, while they are actually perfect in their way at the same time."