Lissandra Clark

Artists - Homecoming Exhibition

Lissandra was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and subsequently spent her first few years living in the Virgin Islands. After her parents discovered her deafness, they moved to Massachusetts, because her parents wanted to provide her with the best education. Throughout her schooling, she excelled in her art classes and began to develop her interests in multiple mediums including ceramics, drawing, coal sketching, woodworking and book binding. Lissandra continued her artistic pursuits by majoring in Graphic Media at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. After receiving her Bachelor's degree, she moved to Florida to be with her parents.
Lissandra has always been creative; she enjoyed transforming just about anything into an art piece. She has experimented with many different forms of art, but ultimately her main interests became photography and collage art.

The art pieces on display here are inspired by her journey over the past year.