Rolando Siguenza

Artists from Homecoming Exhibition

In many of my paintings I integrate faces framing the scene, this faces are like witnesses of the story on the canvas, as a child when family reunions I would get easily bored, in one of this reunions I found a white paper sheet and a pencil, laying on the floor started to draw, my family got interested on my drawing, and for an instance noticed shoes around me, and the impression of looking up and see all these faces merging in my drawing has a great impact and still in many of my paintings these witnesses are included, also is like
taking the person of an art exhibition into my canvas and make him or her interact directly in my work and is no longer a estranger he or she become part of my work.
Also as a child my ants would take to church to attend services but for obvious reasons couldn’t understand a word from the priest, I spent time admiring every wood ornament many of them decorated with carved angels, as they move in different posses I felt like part of them away from the mundane world and graciously included in an endless playground this mystic personas became a constant source of inspiration, my friends communicating with me.
I treasure life and trees our my most valuable representation, if we only have the time to nurtured them just the way we do for ourselves and those we love, when we are in love there are no limits or conditional behavior, same thing for trees, in many of my paintings they take the center stage other elements flow worshipping its magnificent existence.