Amy Cohen Efron

Artists - Homecoming Exhibition

Amy Cohen Efron earned a specialist degree in School Psychology at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. Amy started her professional career as a school psychologist in 1992, and she has worked for a non-profit organization, several state schools for the Deaf, and a residential treatment center for Deaf children for 28 years. As a long-time community activist, advocate, and most recently, artivist: Cohen Efron founded the websites, "Deaf World as Eye See It" (2006-2012) and "AEfron Arts and Culture" (2018-present) where she can express her thoughts in English, American Sign Language and fine arts. Cohen Efron has published approximately 120 written posts and produced more than 140 ASL videos covering a wide range of Deaf-related subjects. As of 2015, Cohen Efron created over 300 artworks and participated in Inktober Challenges over the last four years. Cohen Efron uses her artistic talents using various mediums (ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil, and digital) to elevate important issues from a unique perspective, as a Deaf Jewish woman. Amy lives with her beloved companion, a black lab/basenji mix, JR and she will always find time dabbling in arts and activism for a positive social change.