Ashley Hannan

Artists - Homecoming Exhibition

Though Ashley graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology, with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, she is a self-taught painter. She always feels at home with physically creating with her hands. She continues her artistic education by paying attention to the details of all things colorful. She feels the pure fun of exploring what paint can do, even understanding the satisfaction of fluidity from Pollock. In her unique mixture of styles, Ashley brings a rhythmic vitality to her artwork and employs the tactile elements of Impressionism. She loves the pureness of pigment, the richness, vibrancy, and multitude of colors one simple object can hold.

Since Ashley has only has been painting professionally for the last two years, she has yet to identify with a single style or theme. It can be said that she is still exploring the philosophy of style, mediums, subject matter of other artists, and natural places to further develop a deeper understanding of her own identity as an artist.

Ashley’s awe-inspiring vibrant art is included in numerous private art collections throughout the U.S. She has also created many commissioned works of art varying from her signature splatter contemporary art to realism portraits. Ashley Hannan currently lives in Tampa, Florida.