Miguel Diaz Calderon

Artists from Homecoming Exhibition

The medium of my work of art is acrylic and oil mixed over canvas. The reason I use this medium is because acrylic is used as the base that helps me provide dimension and raise details when painting the oil over it.  My work of art has some traces of México and also showcases the capture of colors, light and wonders of nature. There are a lot of traditional enclosures used in México for planting as well as the typical Méxican storefront building and some old Méxican culture. I have the art of painting in my veins as it has become my way of expression. I find it difficult for me to express myself through words. I was inspired by nature and I have noticed that the cactus or nopal theme is not common in art. I found it challenging to represent things as they are in nature. Also, I was inspired by my Mexican pride. Most of my artwork is related to the wonder that nature brings us, mixed with some memories from my infancy that I have recalled. When I was a kid, my world was void of sounds, yet I became attracted to the views of colors, light and shadows.