Homecoming: A Celebration and a Collaboration of the Arts

Homecoming thumbnail.jpg

Homecoming celebrates the Dyer Arts Center’s 20th anniversary and collaborates with deaf arts organizations with their own milestones.  Each organization was founded to bring Deaf art to the Deaf community.

The title, Homecoming, is especially relevant for this exhibition.  The Dyer Arts Center is welcoming visitors back for the first time since the pandemic shut down the country; previously exhibited artworks are returning for a visit; and the Deaf community has a physical space to gather once again.

This exhibition features a selection of deaf artists previously exhibited at the Dyer Arts Center over the last two decades as well as deaf artists represented by Deaf Spotlight (10 years), the Florida Deaf Art Show (8 years), and the Ikouii Creative (5 years). 

The Dyer Arts Center would not exist if it wasn’t for Dr. Robert Davila’s vision, Joseph and Helen Dyer’s generous funding, Bob Baker’s leadership, and the community’s support. 

Welcome Home!