Exploitation of Labor

Listen, we bound to chains in tha plantations where our black bodies born wit exploitation. Our lifetime traumas and pains passing in our bodies from our ancestors who still scream today like a collection plate. Whew! We workin on fields under dat hot ass sun until sundown. Jesus be with us when water drips our bodies. We dun drink cuz massa’s whips be ready to crack our beautiful black backs. Our hands hurt pluckin dem cottons. Massas snatch’n our rights. We get payed so little for all day work. We cook all day for yall and only get “Thank you” with snarky smiles. We swallow our pride with fake smile and go home to our small houses full of love. Humph. They say they want us but they work us to death with no health, dental, and vision benefits. What we still get? You tell me mister.