The Golems


Speaking for the Ancestors: Exposure. Followed by my other masterpiece, Wet Nurse, a second photo found in her album (Great Great-Grandmother) and it was also expressing hidden truth of what she meant by 2nd and 3rd waves of immigration. The naming for this artwork carries a deep insight of Rochester, New York in the early 1900s. This picture was taken at Rochester's Public Market and there were stories surrounding flea markets and even there are spiritual songs that encode important historical events that are hard for current black movements to digest. Golem was a name that often screams out of the picture. Now, we are northern states that were considered a free state, but that is not true in a sense of slavery but the takeover. During my great great-grandmother's era, they were seeing more strange interference upon the lands and it was slowly tackling its way into industrial age where it causes transference energies to activate. Golems were considered inanimate objects. Somehow, my latest artworks shows early sign of transference spells in each period. Today, we are still young in 21st century, we are witnessing machines (technology) roaring and moving into Robotic Age. But, for Originals on a global scale we became enablers of the matrix instead of being Master Builders of Civilizations before Us.


Nu Khaa Ri Kai Chi Neteru


The Golems




Photography and Digital Art


In a black and white, distorted photograph, there are many people standing or walking around in an outdoor space. Their clothing is from an older period in time.


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