Black Identities

Africa aint country! It a CONTINENT, get it right yall. Who says we look tha same? Not Jesus. We may not look same but we beautiful as hell. We got what you dun have: Our melanin. We age gracefully. That probably our curse but we gonna take this as blessing, yesuh. We got talents but yall ignore us. We got degrees but yall cheapen us. We got arts but yall still aint seen us. We flawless but yall gonna criticize us. Yall tellin us we aint black but our melanin says we are. Where we go, we kings and queens. And we turn heads. Hi, you here? We savages with our renegade and woah on Fridays. We exist but you still dun see us. We pat our weaves and nappy hairs but you still finna touch our hairs. We gettin bodied with our natural hair, braids, drippin ass, juicy lips, locs, dances, but yall still tryna steal our blackness with “dreadlocks” and plumped lips outta a 7-up bottle. We turn heads where we go cuz we Black kings and queens. Hi, you here?