To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the times, our fierce author and Civil Rights activist, James Baldwin, once said.

Our Blackness is like gold. 

It is visible.

It is hidden. 

It shines even under the ground. 

Everyone is willing to go the extra miles for it.

Everyone wants to own it.

Everyone wants to wear it. 

Everyone wants to fight for it. 

Everyone wants to die for it. 

Our Blackness is just gold, periodt. Hands down. I do not care what you think or say. Our Blackness is our truth. Everyone wants to be us but they kick themselves in the ass knowing they can’t. Blackness is the only thing we have and happily own. 

Sadly, our Blackness is always hunted by the vultures. The vultures like to peck on our beautifully nappy and coarse hair and make it their own like Rachel Dolezal. The vultures try to sign and talk like us. Lawd, that sounds like a robot. We ain’t robots. The vultures tell us we ain’t black enough because of our skins.