Remember our ancestors were disposed in tha ocean while screaming for their lives. It sure aint end in tha oceans. Whippings, branding, punishment collars, and amputations hurt us as hell. Still aint finished. Henrietta Lacks’ cells save lives but her family aint seein a dime. The Tuskegee Study was just about white folks being curious about the “strength” of black men wit syphilis. they held tha cure just to see how much they can live. Families never seen them again and sure aint getting coins. Hospitals is like a death sentence for black bodies. Look at the number of black mothers dying or almost dying from childbirth. Pay attention to Dr. Susan Moore, Kim Porter, and our fallen brothers and sisters who died trustin’ the doctors and nurses. Black people cryin their pains to doctors only to be told to take an aspirin and go home to die. Our Black folks dying of cancer but gettin lump of medical bills to pay to sustain lives. We posed be safe in hospitals? Let’s talk.