Deconstructing Our Raíces

The journey in understanding our identities, both outside and within us, art becomes an important tool for analysis, dissection and exploration of separate into pieces that make up who we are; it allows room for clarity and understanding of our own identities to blossom. Deconstructing Our Raíces is the introduction of the second art exhibit that brings into focus the importance of these tools in the act of deconstructing the identities of Hispanic/Latina/Latino/Latinx/LatineDeaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, Hard of Hearing, Late deafened (DDBDDHHLD) folks.

Where do you come from? What are some of the cultural aspects of your heritage? How do you honor your ancestors? How do you practice preservation of your traditions and customs? How do you see the world through your own identity? These are the several of many questions artists reflect on while simultaneously serving as pathways for you,  the viewer, to the realm of the artist’s psyche. In this exhibit, artwork is arranged in seven categories: Personalizado (Custom), Naturaleza (Nature), Familia (Family), Política (Politics), Inspiración (Inspiration), Cultura (Cultura) and Icono (Icon). We are happy to invite you as a special guest to this beautiful exhibit!