A-Z Story: LGBTQ




A-Z Story: LGBTQ






The first image shown is the following text in white on a black background: “A-Z Story: LGBTQ by Dr. E. Lynn Jacobowitz 2018”. A graphic with the word “Pride” in rainbow colors is then show. Then Lynn is shown, “Hi. I’m Lynn Jacobowitz. I will share an A-Z LGBTQ story. This is in honor of Gay Pride. A graphic with the letters “LGBTQ” is shown. Then Lynn is shown. Lynn signs “A” (hiding). An image of a closet is shown. “B” (staying in the closet). “C” (being in an exclusively gay group). “D” (going on an adventure). “E” (contemplating). “F” (determining). “G” (am being a gay person). “H” (doesn’t want to be identified ). Image with text “Identity Crisis”. “I” (identifying). “J” (losing identity). “K” (self-analyzing). “L” (am being a lesbian &) “M” (there are transgenders). “N” (it’s normal). “O” (more & more). “P” (people). An image with text “You are not alone” is shown. “Q” (queer). “R” (realizing). Image with text “Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are”. “S” (coming out). Image of a rainbow flag. “T” (respecting). “U” (honoring). “V” (looking at). Image of people carrying a large rainbow flag at a Pride parade event. “W” (the world). X (must). Image of a rainbow heart with text “Gay Pride”. “Y” (show pride). “Z” (forever!!). Image of a rainbow “ILY” handshape.


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