LGBTQ Awareness



LGBTQ Awareness




An animoji cartoon singing in the bathroom using a hair brush for a microphone. Text appears on the upper left, "Green Yader's New Video: LGBTQ Awareness". The cartoon character notices he is being watched and throws the hair bursh. "Hello! Hello! My beautiful people. You know what's this video all about? Yes! You! You! Happy National Deaf LGBTQ Awareness Week!" The cartoon character then tries to remove his jacket using various household items. "Hey! Wait a minute!" (struggles) Using their ASL signing hands, they eventually open their jacket to reveal a "superman" symbol (a play on the Deaf Queer Resource Center's logo). "ILY!" The whole animation is extremely adorable


Yader Martinez, “LGBTQ Awareness,” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed May 20, 2024,