We Shall Meet Again


This painting's story is about an embarking life long friendship between three Deaf girls. Their Hearing aid devices and their beloved dolls and stuffed animal are floating the in the background. They have the common shared experience of growing up deaf which bring them closer as loyal friends.


Susan Dupor


We Shall Meet Again




Oil on canvas


There is a doll on each side, a stuffed animal chimpanzee in red coveralls in the center. In each panel, there is a young white girl. The left is wearing a brown dress with puffy white sleeves and frills, the center is wearing a yellow, red and orange plaid dress and the right is wearing a red sweater with pink shirt underneath. The right side girl is wearing two body aids under her shirt. There are two body hearing aids and a pair of Behind the Ear hearing aids floating in the cloudy blue-yellow sky.


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