Prisoner of the Mind


This watercolor painting was completed during the lock down of the global pandemic and was inspired by my Zoom conversations with my two close friends. One of them signed PRISON on her forehead and wanted to capture this feeling of being entrapped in our homes and cut out from the world which was felt universally. One of the friends have one open eyes symbolizing the desperation of hope . There is another illusion of an eyes in the bare trees background reminding us the immediate viral epidemic humans grappled with.


Susan Dupor


Prisoner of the Mind




Watercolor on arches


Three white middle aged Deaf women in a triangle composition are each signing, PRISON, on their foreheads. Two of them have their eyes closed. One of the women's eye is gazing at the viewer of the image. There is an implied space of an eye in the upper center background among the tree branches.


Susan Dupor, “Prisoner of the Mind,” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed February 6, 2023,