First National Bank History


This work portrays the city and crime. Everything is broken including life, people and nature.

Without trees, we will not have fresh air and oxygen to keep nature safe.


Raymond Fuyana


First National Bank History




Monotype watercolor


I used to go to National Bank all the time, but now it becomes an abandoned building. As I saw objects and I started imagining them in the abandoned building. When I enter the building, I saw an exciting smiley face, the positivity is all around here. Feeling very inspired by looking at beautiful land. Tree growing into a strong one.

A Stoneman standing near the chair, knows sign language and is communicating with me.

Notice a chair? It is flying around with a white rope. There are different shapes on the land. Looking ahead of me, are mountains and I love looking at them because they are beautiful.

Other than that, everything is quiet because there are not many people, just three of us – smiley face, Stoneman and me.

At night time, mixed of white and blue clouds.
Cubes – red, love. yellow, happy and smiley that is very important to give out.


Raymond Fuyana, “First National Bank History,” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed October 20, 2021,