Self explaining thought


Randy Dunham






Acrylic painting


This picture is about nonconformity for one red apple being outstanding of three common green apples. At the top of the painting has two open windows of the concrete wall. The left open window is the square with one sphere water drop standing on the sill. The right open window is a rectangle shape with three green sphere water drops standing on the sill.

At the bottom of the painting, one red apple is sitting on the concrete surface on the left side and three apples are sitting on the concrete on the right side. There are three water floating drips going down from the three green water drops at the top directly toward the three apples at the bottom. This is a symbol for conformity to get along with each other smoothly with much fewer numbers of contracts. But as for from the red water drop down to the red apple has a few concrete blocks with no water floating. It is a symbol for nonconformity that has to go through some obstacles in difficult times to accomplish because it's done alone with no support from others.


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