Panda No. 3


Yiqiao Wang


Panda No. 3




Digital art


An abstract painting of a panda bear’s face and upper body on a light blue background. The face is composed of different areas of color layers: the eyes are spirals of blue and black around black pupils. The nose consists of geometric shapes of purple/blue/green. The forehead is orange with a root-shaped decoration in light blue/white extending to the ears, with wavy stripes of orange and yellow on the sides. The ears are represented by pink lotus flowers, one on each side. The cheeks are layers of pink and white leading to the snout, which consists of multiple transparent color layers. The body of the panda is dark blue with black paws, and the paws are holding a multicolor accordion fan with an orange/yellow sunburst in the center leading to a rainbow along the edges.


Yiqiao Wang, “Panda No. 3,” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed June 30, 2022,