The Schooling Years 1960-1973


Recalling the years, I attended elementary, junior high school, high school , college and self learning who I was as a hearing impaired individual.. With the exception of attending college, there were no academic guidelines for bullying, special education classes, and ADA. ( Looks Clockwise- Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Right and Bottom Left )


Dean Tackett


The Schooling Years 1960-1973






An abstract artwork split into four quadrants with a figure in the middle with its head split into the four quadrants. Top left corner shows a blue face with black eye and yellow nose, brown hair, against a blue background with a poster showing a gray stormcloud against a green background, and an unseen hand holding up an open book. Top right corner shows a pink face with black eye, a green nose, and a distorted purple ear sticking out with a black question mark next to it, against a light green background. Bottom left corner shows a pink-red chin with a disjointed red mouth, with a green shirt, against a purple background with a light blue background behind that. Bottom right corner shows the same chin but with a separate mouth pointing in a different direction, a green collar to the shirt, and a yellow background. A distorted body with a blue block and teal/brown legs sticking out of it, a hand and arm combination on one side, and an unseen brown hand throwing a yellow book towards the body.


Dean Tackett, “The Schooling Years 1960-1973,” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed June 30, 2022,