Pay Attention


Juan Estrella


Pay Attention




Acrylic on canvas


A person’s head and upper torso against a dark night sky background with a white crescent moon in the top right corner. A toucan’s head sits on the person’s head. The toucan has a white head with a black stripe starting on top and going down the back. With its orange-blue eye, it looks toward you with a bright orange beak, ending in a black teardrop. Next to the toucan, there is a cone, slightly bent and skewered on top and striped in black/white colors. On top of the cone, there are five outlines of petal flower shapes. Specks of stars are visible behind the cone and the toucan. The person is slightly turned to the side, showing the right ear. The upper torso has with blue-white dots. Three circles in various sizes line up with the ears (one on left side and two on right side).


Juan Estrella, “Pay Attention,” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed June 30, 2022,