Once Upon A Time We Were Called....


The abstract work is a reflection of what is in people's mind (not facing the hard core truth). It has 4 abstract images from different period of time which were never portrayed in the field of deaf arts. In earliest day, we were called "Negro' as we were identified, based on our skin color and sold in slavery...as time goes by, we were called "Nigger" out of their despite and hate. As the years go by we were called colored as we were equal but separated....not long ago, we were called "Black" as the certain people with all the mixed emotions (positive and negative).


Fred Michael Beam


Once Upon A Time We Were Called....




Acrylic painting


Four abstract face images are in the painting with the golden hand signing. Each hand shows a sign "negro" (from upper left), "nigger" (upper right), "colored" (lower left) and "black"(lower right). The hands are in abstract form. It is similar to cubism work in the past. It is painted in four colors, gold, bronze, black and white.


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