Not Black...not Deaf... But BlackDeaf


People have asked us...which do we see ourselves as...Black or Deaf? We as a Black Deaf community have been hidden behind the mask and smile....trying to figure out who we are. At the end, most of us are feeling that we are not just this or that, not a half person...As a whole person, we should be called BlackDeaf. Not just Black or Deaf...a whole person. The canvas shows two side of the coins with the sign Black on one side and Deaf on the other side. The colors are blending together to show the wholeness of BlackDeaf individual.


Fred Michael Beam


Not Black...not Deaf... But BlackDeaf




Acrylic Painting


A mask in center with one side with one color and the other side with contrast color. The image is exact mirroring each other. The hand sign is Black and Deaf, one on each side, it reveals who that person is. It has African influence with geometry shapes.


Fred Michael Beam, “Not Black...not Deaf... But BlackDeaf,” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed May 24, 2024,