Black (Deaf?) Lives Matter


The painting show African masked person. It shows that we as Black people has been trying to cover our real identity when we go out in the mainstreamed society. It has abstract patterns around the mask and the gold hands that sign "Black Lives Matter" but there is a white spot (the hand signing "Deaf"). It portrays a question ...Is Deaf a part of Black Lives Matter?". Even though , there are many people who support Black Lives Matter. Is there any support Black Deaf Lives Matter? That question still remained after not enough Black Deaf representations in media or publication.


Fred Michael Beam


Black (Deaf?) Lives Matter




Acrylic Painting


There is an African Mask in color of brown, gold and white in the center of the canvas. It has three signs on showing in gold. The signs are "Black, Lives, and Matter. There is one sign in white, "Deaf" (seem to be erased from the canvas). The background has abstract patterns (similar to Cubism)


Fred Michael Beam, “Black (Deaf?) Lives Matter,” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed July 19, 2024,