Love Comes in Diversity


The way I began making this quilt was by creating these strips that radiated from the center. I wanted to incorporate the theme of love. That was going to be the overriding message of the quilt. And I knew I wanted to make it a round quilt, a circular one, to represent the universe the world, the globe. Love is everywhere. Love is all around us. And so I thought I would try to challenge myself by making a round quilt. It's the first time I had ever attempted that. And I started by coming up with these long panels. Where would I put the message of love within them was my big question. Then I came up with the idea of alternating L-O-V-E, the letters, and at the end having hearts and flowers. In the center of the quilt is the sun because the sun is warm and love is radiant and it flows from the center of all things. I wanted to also emphasize the idea of diversity, so every letter in L-O-V-E is a different color, going from light to darker skin, because love knows no boundaries of color or race or creed. Love is all over the world and it's available to everybody.


Theresa Matteson


Love Comes in Diversity






ID: A circular artwork with rings of different layers. At the center is a planet-like circle surrounded by blue/white clouds. Orange fruit-shaped slices are arranged in a ring around it, tips poking outwards. Around that is a brown peaky leaf arrangement, leading ato brown and tan ovals around them. After that is a person-like figure with brown and green bodies with a blue arm stretching upwards towards a pattern of red squares with white tips and blue sides. The last ring consists of blue circles with gold blobs inside, connected by brown squares.


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