Coconut Pops


This art includes two drawings and a video description of Coconut Pops that Ricardo enjoys cooking in the Dominican Republic.


Ricardo Rosario-Frias


Coconut Pops




Drawing and performance art


[ID #1: White paper background, a large red pop in the center with a red circle at the bottom. A brown stick through the pop at the top. Small white patches.]

[ID #2: The background has white, green and blue colors with some brown. At the upper right-hand corner is a grey square with red circles and black sticks. At the bottom is a brown rectangle with a gray covering. A small kettle to the left. A slanted case holding red circles with black sticks. To the left of the middle is a brown barn with gray roofing.]

[Video translation: Hello! Back when I was a young child in Republica Dominicana, there were these coconut pops on a stick. Ready. Red coloring was mixed with honey then boiled in a kettle for an hour or so. The meat of the coconut is grated then made into balls. Sticks are placed in the balls then dipped in the boiled syrup then placed on a flat metal pan. The process was long. It was cool. We didn’t eat it immediately, we had to wait until the next day or next week to consume them.]

[Video description: Ricardo has long hair tied in the back, brown pants, and black hoodie with designs on the front. Ricardo is in a room filled with classroom supplies.

The times below are images throughout the video in the upper right-hand corner.

00:07–Red coconut pops on a flat metal pan.

00:16–A kettle over a fire.

00:21–Two pictures of honey and red food coloring in bottles.

00:34–Kettle over a fire.

00:55–Whole coconut next to a coconut cut in half.

01:12–Shredded coconut meat.

01:31–Red coconut pops on a flat metal pan.

02:03–A bitten red coconut pop.]


Ricardo Rosario-Frias, “Coconut Pops,” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed February 4, 2023,