Letting Go


“Sometimes it’s better to let go of the rope than to hold on with bruises in the hands “

We are not puppets. we can cut off the stings and we are free


Diana Lopez


Letting Go






[ID: A gray canvas background with colorful artwork of hands and 2 small cords of rope (left to right): an open left hand placed and is drawn horizontally, painted with blotches of colors of green, red, blue and yellow. The creases on the hands are lined in black. The right hand at the right is placed and drawn vertically with the forehand out with an open palm with finger spread out. The index finger is slightly bent. The colors on the hand are blotches of the same colors as the left. The creases on the hand are lined in black. Both hands have a rope cord glued to their wrists and the cord at the center is torn. Both hands are signing “let-go” in American Sign Language.]


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