Santa Ana (714)


Cholo in the barrio of Santa Ana.


Geraldo “Obed” Flores


Santa Ana (714)






[ID: The background is beige with art at the center drawn within an oval-shaped focus. The drawn figure at the center has arms tucked behind back, wearing a teal paisley bandana, gray shirt buttoned once at the collar, white shirt tucked in; large teal pants with a long belt with a piece dangling. Dark blue Nike shoes with white laces and white soles. To the left of the figure is a wall with pieces of bricks exposed, barbed wires on top and two letters (LA) in graffiti-style, blue and green paint. In the background is the dark purple/blue night sky decorated with white stars; silhouettes of power lines, antennas and palm trees in black. A black helicopter above flashing a yellow light. To the right of the figure is a gray street light, yellow light beaming down. The street light has art on its pole: a red heart and the words “Santa Ana (714)” in black. At the lower right-hand corner is the signature of the artist and the date “5/22/17” in black.]


Geraldo “Obed” Flores, “Santa Ana (714),” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed June 27, 2022,