Say Baseball, Say Pancake...


Mary Rappazzo


Say Baseball, Say Pancake...




Digital art


In a room, the floor is brown with gray walls. There is a black monkey wearing a yellow vest with red stripes and white pants and sitting on a big speaker. It's clapping with gold cymbals. A little girl, wearing a pink dress and a red sound ear muff, is sitting on a gray chair in the back of the monkey. There are two white graphs with red circles on red lines on the top and under the top. On the top is a graph for a right ear and bottom graph for a left ear. The right ear graph has black numbers in a red square, it reads, "80." The left ear graph has black numbers in a red box, reading "85." There is a big glass in the front of the room with someone watching the little girl.


Mary Rappazzo, “Say Baseball, Say Pancake...,” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed June 30, 2022,