A Reciprocal Relationship


Opposite Views And Expectations


Dean Tackett


A Reciprocal Relationship






An abstract painting of a human-like figure with distorted features. The top half is split into two backgrounds, green on the left and black on the right. A peach colored head with a stripe of yellow on top and sides, has a black void where a mouth could go, and a peaked nose above it. Where the eye could be is a red sideways V leading to a purple cheek extending to the yellow strip. A line of gray extends from the mouth area to the edge of the painting. The bottom half is split into two backgrounds, purple on the left and orange on the right. A blue arm with a peach hand wraps around a pink chest with a split red circle in the center next to a geometric yellow shape under a red downwards- pointing triangle on the side. The hand holds onto an orange blob. The rest of the body under the arm is teal. The artist’s signature is on the bottom.


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