Prejudice of Man


After witnessing the social unrest and destruction of our American cities, I was prompted to paint this painting. This work reflects some of the symbolic and historical findings that bring out cultural oppression. History runs many courses, but we as human beings do not need to repeat such brutality towards our fellow man.


Dean Tackett


Prejudice of Man






A painting of a black panther walking while holding a red object in its mouth, and splatters of blood-red dabs underneath its feet. There are “walls” on either side of the panther. A reddish figure looks upward toward the panther from the lower right corner. In the lower left corner, underneath the panther, there are various shapes: three yellow triangles with black outline and dots; a line of green/grayish bricks; then three inverted green triangles with yellow squibbles coming out against a blue background. Mountains loom in the background against a yellow-orange sky with white dabs as clouds. There is a white circle around a blue-black object in the upper left corner with three black “V”s flying in the upper right corner.


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