Father Bell


Ann Silver


Father Bell




Digital art


Against a gray on the top and green on the bottom background, there is an old-fashioned brown glass flask standing with a framed label. The big black text on the top says "Father Bell's." Underneath the text, there is a portrait of an old man with white hair and beard, wearing a brown suit with a red tie with two red snakes on either side. Underneath the portrait, there are two banners: a black banner with white words "Oral Oil" then a tan banner with black text "Telling Deaf People How to live. Since 1847." Lastly, a big red banner has white text with white border. The first line says "Active Ingredients.” within two lines. The rest of white text says “Insidious oppression scientifically mixed with money and political power. Support for laws banning Deaf-Deaf marriages and advocacy for the compulsory sterilization of Deaf people whom he called "a defective variety of the human race."


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