Mundo Aereos (Aerial Worlds)


Miguel Diaz Calderon


Mundo Aereos (Aerial Worlds)




Oil on canvas


A surrealist painting showing clusters of floating landscapes against a background split into half diagonally with the top triangular half in warm sunset colors with a sun on the top, and the bottom triangular half in cold night colors of blues and purples. The top left landscape shows a rocky cliff with a lighthouse and house perched on it. In the center is a rocky grass-covered plain with a waterfall spilling off the edge, with another waterfall at the edge extending upwards. The bottom waterfall falls onto another landscape cluster showing a cutaway view of a lake with rocky dirt on either side. There are fish swimming in it. On the bottom left corner is a rocky outcropping with a flat top and an artist perched in front of a standing art frame with a canvas on it. He is painting it, looking towards the other floating landscape clusters. On top center is a box-like object with a tree-topped top floating upwards.


Courtesy of RIT Deaf Studies Archives


Miguel Diaz Calderon, “Mundo Aereos (Aerial Worlds),” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed June 30, 2022,