Jon Kastrup






Mixed media


Three panels with a firebird in the middle panel with multiple shades of orange head feathers, red, yellow, and tan feathers on the torso, and blue feathers across the chest area with a red-white heart-like shape. The face of the firebird is a person’s face looking out. The green wings spreaded out with two persons, facing the firebird, on either side. On the right, the person has pink hair and pink headdress wearing a dress with multiple shades of pink, white, gray, and tan in various stripes. The dress spread out back like wings. In the upper right panel, a black and brown bird with a person’s face perched on the edge of the green wing. On the left, the person has blond hair with dark pink headdress, wearing a dark pink dress. The dress has multiple shades of dark pink and flowers in various colors in random striped patterns. In the upper left panel, a yellow and brown bird, with a person’s face, perched on the edge of the green wing. The left panel has a yellow background with a yellow frame. The middle panel has an orange frame. The right panel has a blue background with a green/orange frame.


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