Swimmer and Goldfish


This painting shows an affirmative and solid identity, as reflected in the many bright colors used. The main motif is the fish, which represent Deaf people given that fish are mute underwater (as opposed to birds chirping or tweeting in the sky), but that does not mean it is a dark, sad atmosphere. The vivid blue eye on the left fish shows the embracing of a visual-oriented world as a vivid, wonderfully sensory-oriented world.


Ellen Mansfield


Swimmer and Goldfish




Oil on canvas


Abstract painting of a bright and colorful fish swimming underwater with an equally bright and colorful swimmer swimming behind it. Green plantlife, one with red beads and one with striped greens, grow upwards behind them. The fish is painted in patterns of bright colors ranging from a starburst around the eye and circles and lines on the body. Main colors used in the fish are warm colors such as reds, oranges, yellows with some cooler colors for emphasis (whites and blues). The swimmer is painted in light pink and cool colors as blues and purples with yellow for emphasis.


Courtesy of Jennifer Tallini


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