Masked: Self Portrait


Self Portrait: I always like to draw or paint self-portraits and then, I feel it’s important to document that the Seder experience is different and unique. The element of Haggadah is more real when I signed “Next year, Jerusalem together” Haggadah since we physically are not together and used Zoom with family and Jewish Deaf community. Last time I did a portrait was in 2016.


Ellen Mansfield


Masked: Self Portrait




Graphite on paper


Black and white drawing of a self portrait of the artist, a Jewish Deaf person. The woman is seated in a dining room, with a window behind her with drapes pulled open. She wears glasses and a face mask across her nose and mouth, and has her hair pulled up in a bun. A hand-shaped pendant hangs from a necklace on her neck, over a blouse. On the table behind her are several items: an open laptop set to Zoom, candle, matzah cover, wine, and a seder plate.


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