The right side of this panel portrays the cochlea. As the title of this piece suggests, the doctors at Johns Hopkins do not know why I am deaf. They only know that my cochlea does not function as it should. I have chosen to pair this image with a telephone because it creates a balance between man and machine; natural reception and synthetic. The turbulent clouds surrounding the cochlea, while representing an interior existence also signify the trials in my life; past, present and future.


Danielle Burch






Mixed media


A mixed 2-D and 3-D artwork. A rectangular piece divided in two halves, the half on the left has a light colored swirled background with 3-D objects mounted on it. On the bottom left corner is a corded telephone handset with the cord swirling into a spiral next to it. Above the cord spiral are three circular objects mounted to the board in an arc. On the opposite side is a painting of the inside of the ear, with a cutaway view inside showing the locations of the three bones inside the ear. Behind it is a surface of cloud-like formations under a night sky.


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