Little Deafie David


Betty G. Miller


Little Deafie David




Mixed media


The image is split into four quadrants with a different scene in each. The top left corner box depicts a corner of a room with dark blue walls and light blue ceiling with furniture made from hands. The top right corner depicts a yellow block with orange rectangles like windows with an upside down pink heart in a red box next to it. The bottom left corner depicts a red and orange square with three smaller boxes underneath with a blue flower on a yellow background in one, an orange box with yellow hearts in the middle, and a blue plant-like shape on a light blue background. On the bottom right corner is a boy sitting on the floor against a light blue floor and walls, with light purple stairs behind him. The boy is looking down at his hands, and wears blue pants and a red shirt with yellow stripes.


Courtesy of David Nelson


Betty G. Miller, “Little Deafie David,” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed June 30, 2022,