Say the Word


Betty G. Miller


Say the Word




Mixed media


A painting in shades of pink and blue with key words in white or dark gray. In the center is a seated person, nude, with a knee turned up and a knee resting parallel to the ground. The person rests a hand on the raised knee while the other hand clutches the ankle of the same leg. The top half of the body is pink, with the bottom in blue and hair in dotted pink on blue. Around the person are floating words in various sizes: on the top right are the following words, 2THPASTE, AIRPLANE, POPCORN, ICE CREAM. On the top right corner are the following words: BASEBALL, HOTDOG, AIRPLANE. On the bottom are two layers of text, the top in white: “Say the word..” and the bottom in pink: “Save the world”.


Courtesy of Karen Christie


Betty G. Miller, “Say the Word,” RIT/NTID Dyer Arts Center , accessed June 30, 2022,