Deaf Eye


When I am working on different artworks, I really put a lot of importance on the eyes. Good Deaf eyes are so important because that is how we express ourselves and receive information, so they must be perfect and clear.

I was using different colored cut paper to create the eyes on another project. I would add some, look at it, decide I didn't like it and try again. I did this over and over until I got it just the way I liked it. Then I turned around to see the pile of discarded eyes. I thought to myself, "I can't just throw these away, Deaf eyes are too important!"

So that was how this artwork came to be. So I added the eyes around the canvas and included one large eye in the center. I wanted to emphasize the importance of Deaf eyes. When I was satisfied with the arrangement, I added the color pink to each eye and added a larger pink ornament to the center of the artwork.

Then I looked at the artwork again to see if I was satisfied. I wasn't, it needed something else - something optimistic. So I added the bird to the center eye. Then I knew it was complete. When people see it, sometimes they look bewildered and say, "Thats your interpretation of Deaf eye?" When turned on its side, it could almost look like a vagina with the clitoris. So then I thought that people would view the art as negative. But that is surrealism.


Jon A. Kastrup


Deaf Eye




Mixed media


A yellow painted canvas in an ornate gold frame. On the canvas are six small eyes and in the middle is one large eye. The art work is made from different materials and textures, making it three-dimensional.


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