This work is mostly influenced by dreamlike landscapes and strange spaces. In my work art, the African landscapes becomes a game. The playing is influenced by the things I see around Africa in landscapes. The spaces I create can be viewed upside down and right up.

Without trees, we will not have fresh air and oxygen to keep nature safe.


Raymond Fuyana






Oil on canvas


ID: In the middle, a window of a landscape with a tree on top of cracked, dry soil with crumbling bricks wall on either side. Flying bricks are going toward the gray mountains against a white sky. A person is standing on the ceiling and looking outwards. In the lower left corner, a Stoneman tosses a box in his hand, with a crow on his head. Across from the crow, there is a yellow smiley face, trying to get inside of the house. Some planks are floating with a pair of shoes on top of a plank. The upper right corner has a chair in pieces on the ceiling with a white rope trailing below. In the lower right corner, another chair in pieces with white rope next to two columns. In the upper left corner, there is a red/yellow box.


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