Save Green


Africa is an environmentally conscious continent, they prioritize saving water, the animals, and other environmental resources. This painting depicts a Deaf Black African girl who does not know sign language and struggles to communicate. She becomes fascinated by the animals around her. They also are unable to speak and yet find other ways to communicate with each other. The moon represents calm and stillness. As a child I was always captivated by the moon and how it calmed me at night. 

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Juan Estrella


Save Green






A dark painting of a Deaf Black African girl with a very serious expression on her face. Celosia flowers are growing from the top of her head. She is wearing a pink and vermillion green shirt. There is an owl perched on her right shoulder and a small monkey perched on her left. The background is black with swirling pin pricks of white and a full moon hanging in the left corner.


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